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"LIKE A VIRGIN" Alessandro D'Aquila




The seven capital sins are the main temptations of Evil, which can trick mankind into gaining eternal damnation. They are represented by the excesses which turn into vices and flaws, by exaggerations able to lead the spirit in a spiral of pure individualism. Nowaday, sins have changed, as have we. Pleasure is our guide, the compass of a bitter existence which seems to gain meaning just through the sweetness of transgression. The old moralism has become obsolete, religions are just stories like many others, and we can choose to believe in them or not, without consequences. We have lost the right path and we all are taking our own road. But where are we going? The new sin in contemporary society is the lack of foresight, the indifference towards the future, the complete absence of questions about tomorrow. We rush to live a life that’s full of pleasures, distortions, luxurious habits, without paying mind to the consequences. We have become parasites of the body that hosts us, we have spent so much time not giving a damn about the solution that we have now become the problem. The eight capital sin is hanging above our heads, like a lengthy and lethal sword of Damocles. It is our only guilt: pollution. Let’s enjoy our sins, let’s dive in our lives for perfect sinners, but let’s seek forgiveness for our biggest trespass and let’s clean up the mess we have made. We can accept our vices, bask in our mistakes, put a like on our faults, reset our conscience. As long as we open our eyes on what, now, is more important than anyone of us. That’s how, with the series “LIKE A VIRGIN”, composed by 7 NFT 1/1, I want to bring back the attention on what is really important, in a new order of priorities. Not on the Commandments, not on a vulgar prudishness, but on the only tragedy which will cause the end of everything. The end of the planet is the end of man. To underline the inherent meaning of the series, with the purchase of one of the pieces, the collector will receive a physical copy of the Madonna Senza Volto, realized together with Precious Plastic Torino with 100% recycled plastic. By purchasing an NFT of the series “Like a Virgin” the collector will also obtain the AIRDROP of a BLIND PASS, whose benefits will be explained on Discord and Twitter. The drop of all the pieces will be on the 7/7. Let’s save our roots.

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